Stay mobile with an electric, folding and chainless JIVR

Buy your JIVR | Bike from our limited 2018 production run today! Simply fill in your contact details and a JIVR Care Consultant will be in touch soon to arrange everything.

Handmade in Europe

JIVR’s extraordinary design elements are brought to life by our expert craftsmen in a customised manufacturing process.

JIVR | Bike is only available through the official JIVR online store. You won’t find JIVR in retail stores or sold through third parties online. We believe that the only way to deliver the value and service that the JIVR community deserves is to ship from our workshop directly to your door.


Contact Sales - Base price: £2.799

Limited production slots

Only 998 JIVR | Bikes will be available for Q2 2018 delivery. Make sure to reserve yours now to have your JIVR | Bike ready before summer. Each JIVR | Bike takes us around 72 hours to complete, spread over a six-week build slot from purchase to delivery.

Want to try before you buy?

We organise individual JIVR | Bike test rides for a deposit of just £99, which can be applied towards a purchase and is fully refundable if you decide to think it over.

Schedule a JIVR | Bike test ride